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Wednesday, September 7th, 2005
1:40 pm - interesting...

current mood: blank

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Monday, August 29th, 2005
11:59 pm - myspace
i jumped on the wagon...

visit me @ : www.myspace.com/irishb0mbshell

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Sunday, July 31st, 2005
6:37 pm - mmmm...beach
joe is taking a nap right now so i thought id update. im in ocean city,md. friday we went to atlantic city. i won 30 bucks in a penny slot machine. then yesterday morning we drove to cape may and took the 730am ferry to delaware. then we drove into oc. it ws pouring. the weather didnt get nice until around 5oclock. last night we just kinda unpacked and relaxed. hooters is right across the street, we went there for dinner. the chicken wings were sooooooo good. i cant believe that i didnt want to go there (for obvious reasons). but it was well worth it. this morning we woke up and went to the beach. the ocean was cold at first but then it was beautiful. i layed out for awhile in the sun. then we packed up and went back to the condo. we went for a drive down the coastal highway, then we went over the expressway and went to walmart so i could get a new hairdryer. then we went for lunch at the dough roller. i got a chicken taco salad, it was really good. joe got a piece of pepperoni pizza and some kind of burger. the pizza was awesome. im trying to wake him up now so i could see whats going on. i think he wanted to go to some kind of smorgasboard tonight, but it closes at 9 and i dont think we are going to make it. we will probably just head down to the boardwalk and putz around. i do want to play miniature golf or race go karts or something. oh well, ill update more when something exciting happens lol.

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Thursday, July 28th, 2005
2:40 pm - happy birthday to me :)
it's my 25th birthday! woohoo!

it hasnt gone as well as i had hoped... but here are the ups & downs so far:

1) i woke up late, resulting in me not moving my car from the wrong side of the street fast enough, resulting in a $50 street sweeping violation :(

2) i had to take joe to work since he missed his ride, and i was 42 minutes late for work :(

3) i got to work and got a 1$/2 hrs parking meter instead of a .50c/2 hrs parking meter :(

4) my coworkers decorated my office with happy birthday streamers, a spongebob squarepants cake, balloons, a stuffed monkey, a princess crown (complete with pink feathers), and various other snacks. doreen also constructed pom poms out of crepe paper for me. :)

5) i got a neat basket full of homemade soaps that this woman makes & sells to pay for her daughter's diabetes medication :)

6) i also got an electric spongebob & patrick toothbrush set with a tube of toothpaste :)

7) i am here for 2 1/2 more hours :(

8) i am leaving for vacation tomorrow! :) :) :) :)

okay enough of the list..

when i leave here, i have to go pick joe up from work. then we have to go to the garage so he can pick his car up, and go home and get ready to go out. we are meeting lynn, danny, nanci, and ron at tgifriday's for a birthday dinner, and then we are going bowling! yay!

tomorrow we are leaving for atlantic city around 9. that means we need to wake up at 7, pack up the car, take sambuca up to my parents, drop my car off at my parents, and leave for ac. aughhh.

but in 24 hrs, i will be walking along the boardwalk gambling my money away in caesar's palace ;)

i am going to bring my laptop with me, im not sure if they have an internet connection in the condo. but if they do, i will update with some pics.

by the way, does anyone know how to make it so that when i paste a pic in here, its not the size of texas? let me know!

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Tuesday, July 26th, 2005
1:16 am - one more pic...
I have to put this picture on here for the world to see.. he is so adorable!

okay gnite....really!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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12:03 am - yay!
so our (joe & me) anniversary is on wednesday, and my 25th birthday is on thursday, and we are going to atlantic city on friday, and then going to ocean city maryland for a week starting saturday! So, you know that means the rest of this week will be dragging along....

we bought some fish for our aquarium tonight. i bought an angel fish, 2 neons, and a small redcap oranda. however, you can barely see them in the aquarium, so tomorrow i need to go and get some big mutha $(^!@$@#^ fish!

okay I just finished printing out THE CUTEST calendar...

let me post the picture that I love so much.... from my VERY bold doggy...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

He is so bold! I have to start remembering to use the "red eye" function on the camera because he is always glowing...

oh well, it is WAY past my bedtime.

gnite :)

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Thursday, June 16th, 2005
10:05 pm - Question: What is hell?
Hell is what I have just endured for the last 2 hours or so. Hell includes stopping at my aunt's house for my 12 year old psycho cousin's birthday party. Well apparantly at one point, after giving attitude to basically everyone there, my aunt went to put his birthday cake in front of him, and he said "Jeez ma, what the ffuu......" and stopped there. Well this sparked 2 hours of a psychotic tantrum on the floor kicking and screaming, and going outside and beating the side of the house with a pole. He also pounded up and down the stairs a few times. My aunt and uncle tried to play it off like it was nothing. I felt like I was watching a Discovery Channel show on psychotic children who burn houses down and murder their parents.


Anyway, I'm home now and the piece of cake I digested at my aunt's house isn't filling me so I am going to find something for dinner at 1010pm.


current mood: blah

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Monday, June 13th, 2005
1:53 pm - if you can't take the heat, then you better buy an air conditioner
the most awesome spongebob squarepants episode ever is on right now as we speak. it is the one when the jellyfish inhabit spongebob's home and turn it into a dance club. this is seriously so awesome...

anywho, today was my big *stress test*. i was flippin nervous as all hell thanks to my dad telling me yesterday that they make you run until you are ready to collapse. therefore, when i got to the imaging center, my blood pressure was like 200/120. The whole thing lasted like 5 minutes. First, I had to go into this closet and take off "everything from the waist up". yippee. Then I had to put on a hospital gown (at least it was purple) and you had to put it on BACKWARDS.. "like a shirt" according to the 980lb man prepping me for my test. so it had 2 ties on it. the first one tied the robe around your waist. the second one tied up around your collar. so there were like 5 inches of just open gown. NOT FUN. (high BP reason #2). So then as this 980lb man is UNTYING me so that he can literally scrub my skin with a piece of brillo pad and apply these stickers, WHILE LOOKING AT MY BREASTS, he tells me about how he is related to my father!!! he is looking at my ta-ta's and talking about my grandmother and dead grandfather. (high BP reason #3). so finally, this other dr comes in, and has me put this belt of electrodes on (it kinda looked like i was wearing a TNT belt). i step on the treadmill and he starts talking, and it lasted like 5 minutes tops, i did not have to run, i walked briskly at an incline. it was fine. he said he saw nothing wrong with me except for my blood pressure. i said that it wont be down until i am out of this joint. so they let me change and go home.

then my mother and i went to lowes so she could piss around for a half hour getting a 25$ can of paint mixed. then we had to do a lap around the store to "see what is on sale", and finally walk 3 miles to the car, only to have to turn around and go back because she left her keys at the paint counter. then i asked her if we could go to best buy so i can look for a new car stereo. well she started giving me this song & dance about how she wanted to go lay out in the sun and she had things to do, so i couldnt even browse the stereos before she wanted to go. so we walk out and oh what do you know! are we going towards kingston? NO WE ARE GOING TO WALMART! so we had to go to walmart, and then spend an hour in wegmans. argghhh. i would have been REALLY pissed about the experience if it hadnt been for the 1/2 gallon of "chocolate cherry cordial" fat free turkey hill frozen yogurt that was on sale at wegmans for 1.99. A W E S O M E ! ! ! ! !

okay so then we go home, after my mother nearly kills me in several traffic altercations. we walk into my apartment and i let sambuca out of his crate. he runs straight for my mother and bites her left boob and rips a hole in her shirt so it looks like it is a breast feeding shirt with the little flap that folds down. hahahhahaha it was hysterical. she was freaking "this is my favorite green shirt!" "what am i going to wear with my green skirt now???" "you know, if i was a go go dancer this would be acceptable". i hooked her up with a new shirt and she was on her merry way.

i put the groceries away, chased sambuca around the house because he had a canteloupe in his mouth, and now i am going to do some work in the bedroom. i have to start dinner in like an hour too. 'honey nut chicken strips with parmesan potatoes, corn on the cob, and (if i feel like leaving the house), some nice yellow macaroni salad from redners. yummy.

oh well, i guess i will catch ya later...

current mood: bouncy

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Thursday, June 2nd, 2005
12:00 am - no pain no gain! feel the burn!
today was my first day at the gym. actually, second. but yesterday didnt count because all i did was get my initial weigh-in and go over some paperwork. today i did 45 minutes of cardio on the super treadmill. then i did 3 different types of weight machines to work my legs and butt. tomorrow i will learn the 3 different types for my arms. my trainer told me that i am his favorite out of our "team" and that he wants me to win.

*in case anyone isnt informed, the gym i joined is running a special with area businesses. It's called "THE BIGGEST LOSER" yes, like the TV show. Anyway, if at least 5 people join from your business, your membership is 99$ for 3 months. you get your own personal trainer, your own personalized workout routine, and unlimited use of the fitness center (including tanning which is only 10$ a month!!!!). at the end of the 3 months, whoever from your team is the biggest loser wins a free year membership to the gym!*

so tomorrow I have to remember to bring my headphones so ic an listen to the tv while im doing my cardio, and i have to remember to wear my hair up and wear loose clothing because my velour jumpsuit (as cute as it is) did not cut it today when the sweat was pouring off of my brow. i guess i am going to have to put fashion & beauty aside and get down and dirty at the gym. sigh... there will be plenty of time for fashion and beauty when i am a size 4. :)

well im going to bed now, i need to rest. goodnight all!

current mood: determined

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Saturday, May 21st, 2005
1:37 am - this shit is bananas, b a n a n a s
im going to auction sambuca off on ebay shortly.. we were outside for 20 minutes before in the freezing temps... only to walk in the house and piss on the carpet. WHY...

i watched CSI from last night again tonight. Joe missed the whole thing last night and I missed the first 10 minutes. It was so worth watching again.. in fact I think I might keep it on tape forever. Such a great episode.. go Quentin.

I left work at noon today. Went to do Robin's daughter's hair for her prom. They paid me 50 clams so it was well worth the 2 hours I spent curling and spraying. She looked really nice.

Just finished watching "SNL: The Best of Chris Farley" DVD. So funny.. I wish he was still around.

Well I am hitting the sack now. I am mucho tired.

Gnite all.

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Wednesday, April 27th, 2005
11:22 pm - S H A M !!!!!!
Anyone who watched American Idol tonight probably shares in my grief right now.. my beloved Constantine was voted off. I don't believe it though, I think it is a big conspiracy. No other contestant brought Paula Abdul to tears over their being voted off dammit! And what is with Scott Savol? HE BLOWS! He is a dirty scummy hood rat who thinks he is of the African American race, and he SUCKS!

Aughhhh I am so pissed off..

But, luckily, there is a light at the end of the tunnel...

PrayForTheSoulOfBetty got signed, and their CD will be out in stores on May 10th---SO BUY IT!!!!

When Scott Savol is sitting in a halfway house for his criminal mischief, Constantine will be on stage making millions. I love him...

<3 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo <3 Constantine Maroulis, if you read this. I love you. Please comment back if you would like my home address and/or phone number so we can hook up and get married. I'll move to New York, no biggie. Just make sure I can bring Sambuca. That's it.


I probably have a better chance of winning the lottery...

current mood: angry

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Sunday, April 24th, 2005
12:55 am - kleenex anyone?
okay. this weekend so far has been filled with movies movies and more movies. last night we watched without a paddle and half of finding neverland. today we watched the rest of finding neverland, meet the fockers, and the notebook. the notebook (though i was warned) has brought me to tears for the last 45 minutes. i just keep crying, wondering if our love is as strong as the love in that story? its unbelievable, how much people can love others. ridiculous actually...

anyway, im going to finish processing my thoughts from this movie... tomorrow we will be watching alfie. that looks good.

alright, just wanted to share this with everyone!


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Sunday, April 10th, 2005
10:22 pm - so close, yet so far away
You scored as Democrat. <'Imunimaginative's Deviantart Page'>


















What Political Party Do Your Beliefs Put You In?
created with QuizFarm.com

im a democrat, which i knew. but im almost an anarchist, which i also knew.

this weekend was actually really great. friday after work i stopped @ my parents house, and i told my dad about how gay my car has been acting. so he told me that my brother would sell me his car. so i said cool. it will save me at least another yr to pay off my debts and then my credit score will be MUCH better, and then i will buy a car off of the lot. id really like a new mustang... thoughts of a nice powder blue mustang will motivate me to pay off all of my bills and be more economically conscious.

anyway, friday night i just kinda hung around the house. nothing exciting.

saturday, i woke up and went to joes parents house and did a LOT of laundry. (which i probably should be putting away right now..) anyway, i went to a baseball game @ wilkes, took sammy for a long walk... and then came home and got ready to go out. joe gave me a ride to the press box, and i had a good time out. i didnt drink much though because i hadnt really eaten all day and i just wasnt really in the mood. so i had a few cosmopolitans and a miller lite, and around 140, krista & i left and she took me home. she stopped in to meet sammy, and then after she left i had a glass of tang and i went to bed. joe fell asleep on the couch and didnt come back to the bedroom til 7am. sammy slept until noon with us. i woke up and fed him, and then checked the answering machine. i knew people had been calling all morning but i couldnt find it in myself to get out of bed and answer the phone :)

joe and i got dressed and we took sammy to another baseball game at wilkes. jen and her weimaraner taylor were there. and then jen's neighbors came and brought their 2 rottweilers (1 is 4 months old and the other is like 9 months). sam had a blast playing with them. after the game (it was soooo hot outside), we went up to walmart because i needed a paintbrush and the ingredients to make lasagna. i also picked up one of those mammoth bones (theyre actually called that), its like a cow femur or something. taylor was playing with one at the game and sammy loved it. hopefully it will help us with training sammy that when he needs to bite, he has to bite things like bones and not hands or feet.

we came home and i made lasagna. then we went up to joes parents house because i left my laptop there yesterday. we went to my parents house where joe dropped me off so i could take my "new" car home. its a green VW jetta. its pretty nice. i had to clean my old car out because my dad is going to use that for work since its pretty much on its last legs, and he will just drive a few minutes back and forth.

i stopped @ the carwash on the way home, and watched desperate housewives.

now im watching grey's anatomy.

then im going to bed.

bye : )

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Thursday, April 7th, 2005
3:59 pm - better...
feeling better today. got a lot off of my chest last night, and i think we have worked through a lot of stuff.. its a start.

didnt have work today.. well, i have work to do for work, but i can do it at home. i should have had it done by now but today was too nice to sit at the computer for 5 hours. so instead im sorting laundry for saturday and going to dinner with cheryl around 6. then i will come home and work. besides, the bedroom is a mess, and i cant work on my desk if i can only see 1/2 of an inch of the top of it.

i need photopaper and ink sooo bad. i used up all of my black ink, so i am going to shop around after dinner w/cheryl. big lots usually has photo paper super cheap. kmart is still closed from the flood, and i was just at walmart last night. i went in for a 10$ fan and i ended up spending 106$ on a fan, crest premium white strips, 2 picture frames, conditioner, 2 dog dishes, a black lab magnet, some egg rolls, fish sticks, ice cream, healthy choice meals, milk, froot loops, spongebob squarepants cereal, lettuce, salad mix, italian ice, hushpuppies, breadstix, and a turkey.

so big lots is going to extra tough to just walk straight through to get the paper without browsing or buying anything else. what sammy really needs is one of those big pillow-like beds. but theyre 100$ at petsmart and like 50 @ walmart. sometimes these little stores have them cheaper.

i wish there was a store that just sold photopaper, and another store that just sold black ink cartridges for dell A922 printers.

however... if i go back to walmart, i probably wont spend more money.. and there is a cartridge world store next to walmart.. hmmm...

all i know is that i dont know.

current mood: giggly

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Tuesday, April 5th, 2005
8:38 pm - m i s e r a b l e
i am so goddamned miserable right now. i know i have pms and i usually act this way for a few days.. but right now i just want to break up with joe, and live my life with my dog and my fucking fish and my own goddamned apartment. here i thought that for the last 5 months, joe wasnt touching his savings account at the far-away credit union.. and we had to go to the vet today with zeus and sammy. on the way home i stopped @ tonys and treated my family. joe was miserable. we went to his parents house, where a credit union statment lay on the counter. everytime i asked how much money he had in the credit union he would say that he hadnt gotten a statement in a while. and then i would go on and estimate that since he had 150 2 weeks before xmas, and 25 goes in a week.. that he should have almost 500. well i sat at the counter studying the credit union statment that showed a balance of 158$. and it also showed a $257 withdrawal on his birthday, and a 175$ withdrawal a few weeks before... so i thought maybe i was reading it wrong. he knew that i saw it. and i did not open my mouth the whole way home. so we get home and he is all miserable. so i casually ask him, did that paper say you have 158 in your savings account? and he said yes. and i said did it also say that there was a 257 withdrawal on your birthday? and he said yes. and i asked why he took that money out, and he said he didnt know, and i asked what did you spend it on? and he said that he just spent it over a period of time. and then he started bitching about why was i looking at his bank papers and does he look at mine? blah blah.

then he went to the store. he just came back and went out to the garage to be with dave.

i dont want to be with someone who lies to me, keeps things from me, and whom i cannot trust.

why do the people that i love the most hurt me so much?

what did i ever do to deserve feeling this way all of the time...

why did i let myself get to the point that im at? fat, ugly, in debt, and totally alone.

i just want to disappear.

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Monday, March 28th, 2005
3:17 pm - sad.. sad day....
today is dreary and miserable.. one of those days where my feelings match the weather outside.

after many unsuccessful attempts at trying to get sambuca and thor to bond, or at least get thor to try and be amicable with sambuca.. we were left with no other options then to surrender him to the spca. i tried calling people all weekend to see if anyone knew anyone who wanted to take him, and no one did.

so this morning, we got his belongings together.. put sambuca in his crate, and wrapped thor in a blanket so we could take him out to the car. he was never outside of the house before, and never in a car, so i didnt want him clawing me if he was scared, so that is what the blanket was for.

i think he knew something was up. he sat quietly in the backseat just staring at us, and his big brown eyes were a mix of curiosity, sadness, and worst of all, i think he was sorry for all of the trouble he had caused. when we pulled up to the spca, he did not want to get out of the car. he just looked at us like please, dont make me go..

joe and i were crying when we walked in, and explained the situation to the girl behind the counter. she made us feel like dirt. she said that we didn't give the cat enough time to adjust to the puppy. i asked her how long we were supposed to let the cat continue to maul the puppy and hurt him? i explained how he is just not good with other animals, and that i wanted to give him the opportunity to find a home where he can be the only pet, and not have to worry about hurting anyone.

the girl put him in a little carrier so she could administer a vaccine. she checked his teeth and coat, and took off his green collar with his purple "THOR" tag. she replaced it with a blue paper collar. she was petting him on the counter when she told us that we were finished and we could go. we brought a huge can of dry food, some canned food, some bathing products, and some catnip. and we brought him some toys to play with.

i have been crying all day because i am so sad...

i wish there was a different way.. and maybe i wouldnt feel so bad if i knew he was already adopted and with someone... but reality is cruel.

i almost wish my parents didnt have the 4 dogs so he could go live up at their house.

i dont know why i am so freaking upset... we walked out of the spca and joe and i sat in the car bawling for like an hour. for how much we couldnt stand the cat, its just so heartbreaking.

if anyone wants to adopt him, i will pay the 50$ for him to go to a good home...

current mood: crushed

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Sunday, March 27th, 2005
1:28 am - A N E W P U P P Y ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

today started off relatively normal. i went out last night for krista's birthday and ended up drinking way too many cosmo's. i had a splitting headache when i crawled into bed at 3am and didnt know how i was going to be able to sleep... eventually i guess i just passed out.

this morning joe left for work around 830 i guess. i slept until around 12. he got home from work around 130. we had some errands to run, so i got dressed. first we went to blockbuster so we could get 2 new playstation games. then we headed up towards the mall/walmart region. i said "can we stop @ the petstore?" so we did. i showed joe the old english sheepdog puppy that i had been looking at last week while i was waiting to tan next door. we walked towards the back of the pet store, near the aquariums. i noticed a little room that had 2 cages in it. the top cage appeared to be empty, and the bottom cage had a black & white husky in it. as i said hello to the husky, a tiny little black head peeked around the corner of the top cage... i fell instantly in love. it was a little male black lab... i was so immediately drawn to him... i asked the girl if we could play with him, and she said as soon as the other people in the pen were finished with the dog they were looking @. so our time came.. and we both just fell in love with this puppy. he was so calm yet playful.. and just absolutely adorable. joe looked at me and said "i want him." and thats all it took... i put a deposit on the puppy until we could ask the landlords if we could have a dog. we came home.. and they werent home. so we waited and waited... and finaly they got home so we asked and they said yes!!! so we flew back up to the petstore and said "WE WANT HIM!". he is 9 weeks old (dob: 1/21/05) and he weighs 14lbs already! he is HUGE and his paws are absolutely enormous. he was 600$ and joe bought him for me for easter and because he loves me :) he said he has been saving up money in his "secret" savings account for something really special and he said that this was as good a time as any. so we filled out all of the paperwork and we took our new baby boy home! His name is Sambuca James Kirkpatrick... Sammy for short. The cat does not like him at all, which sucks for the cat because he will be going to the SPCA if he keeps up this behavior.

Sammy is sleeping now like a little baby. He peed in the house once tonight, but that was it so I can't really complain. I have to go next door and get the crate from our neighbors dog (she grew out of it) so we can take Sammy to my parents house tomorrow for Easter dinner.

ps. Matt dont go blabbing that the dog was 600 instead of the 400 i told them he was... i dont know why you got so pissed off its not like i spent the money.

oh well, i am making oreo truffles for tomorrow and i have to go finish them so i can hit the sack!


(as soon as i get pics i will post!)

current mood: excited

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Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005
10:04 pm - the jew, the italian, and the red head gay.....
hahahahahahaha... i just finished watching the first dvd of "The State" that I ordered from eBay last week. AWESOME. brings back so many memories from high school... the 90's were great on MTV.

started tanning again last night. decided to leave copa this year and move on to "Hollywood Tans". It's only 19.99 unlimited! And they are all stand up booths. Beats copa's 60/month! I was overambitious tonight and upgraded to the super booth and went in for the full 8 minutes. I am a lovely mix of crimson right about now, and i am wishing that an air conditioner was in my bedroom.

made meatloaf for dinner tonight, really wasnt hungry by the time it was finished so i didnt really eat dinner. but i plan on having a nice large glass of Tang before I go to bed. watched american idol.. carrie was awesome! mikaylah sucked.. i hope they vote her off (if they dont, they will have to hear the wrath of diane carey...)

oh well, might as well fill out this survey that i stole from my brothers journal...

100 questions

[1] NAME: erin
[2] AGE: 25
[3] HEIGHT: 5'7
[4] SHOE SIZE: 9
[5] EYE COLOR: green
[6] HAIR COLOR: brown w/blonde highlights
[7] DONE DRUGS: yeah a long time ago
[8] BEEN ON STAGE: yes, i sang "bad boys" by gloria estefan in 1st grade talent show
[9] HAD SEX: yeah
[10] BEEN DUMPED: i guess so
[11] GOTTEN INTO AN ACCIDENT: yes.. several
[12] EATEN AN ENTIRE BOX OF SWEETS: if you count bags of gummy peaches, then yes
[13] DYED YOUR HAIR: yes all of the time
[15] WENT TO SCHOOL IN YOUR PJ'S: yes, and work too
[19] DO THEY KNOW: of course
[20] WHAT DO YOU LOOK FOR IN THE OPPOSITE SEX: i dont look for anything.. it just comes to me
[21] COULD SEE YOURSELF GETTING MARRIED: yeah hopefully soon
[22] COLD / HOT: my back is hot right now and i wish it was cool
[23] BLACK / WHITE: what is this a michael jackson song?
[24] RAIN / SNOW: snow
[25] GIVE / RECEIVE: both
[26] WOOL / COTTON: cotton
[27] ROSE / DAISY: rose
[29] PLAIN / CHOCOLATE MILK: depends
[30] HISTORY / SCIENCE: history
[31] MATH / ENGLISH: english
[32] SPRING / FALL: fall
[33] ROCK / COUNTRY: rock
[34] PEPSI / COKE: diet pepsi
[35] LOVE / LUST: love
[36] EAT / SLEEP: sleep
[37] WHO DO YOU SEE THE MOST: joe <3
[39] E-MAIL THE MOST: cheryl
[40] WHO'S THE LOUDEST: cheryl
[41] WHO'S THE SHYEST: i used to be but now i think its AMY
[42] WHO ARE YOU JEALOUS OF: spongebob squarepants
[45] WHO DO YOU TRUST THE MOST: patrick star
[46] WHO KNOWS YOU THE BEST: cheryl and joe
[47] WHO'S YOUR BEST FRIEND: cheryl and joe
[51] WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST: lynelle and my gram and aunt joanie
[52] FOUGHT W/ YOU THE MOST: probably lynelle lol
[57] DO YOU KNOW MOST BOUT: i know more about joe than he does about himself.

[58] GIVE HUGS: sure
[59] GIVE BACK RUBS: yes
[60] TAKE WALKS IN THE RAIN: no i hate being wet.. ugh
[61] WATCH TV: yes
[62] GO TO THE BEACH: yes at night
[63] DO HOMEWORK: thank god that is over with
[64] PLAY IN THE SNOW: yes!!!
[65] WORK OUT: yes!
[68] GO ONLINE: yes!
[69] BE KISSED: yes!
[70] DO WEIRD / FREAKY THINGS: lol when?
[71] BE WILD: yeahhhhhhhh dawg


[72] BEEN TO A CONCERT: yes lots
[74] GONE SKINNY DIPPIN: umm yeah i guess
[75] RAN ROUND NAKED: lol yeah
[76] BROKEN A BONE: yes grrr.....
[77] CHEATED ON A TEST: in college once i programmed chemistry equations into my graphing calculator. it was the only way i would have passed and i think i still failed
[78] RAN A MARATHON: no way jose
[79] MET A FAMOUS PERSON: yes... dr frank of the mr t experience
[82] STALKED SOMEONE: just for fun


[83] SINGLE OR TAKEN: taken
[84] IF YOU WERE TO GO OUT WITH ANYONE, WHO: detective elliott stabler from law & order: SVU
[86] LONGEST RELATIONSHIP: 2 yrs almost
[87] WHO DO U WANT TO KISS : no one right now

[88] BAD HABITS: biting nails
[89] MAKES YOU MAD: having to park a quarter mile away from work
[90] SCARIEST MOMENTS: i dont like being alone at night...
[91] WHERE ARE YOU: sitting at my laptop in the dining room
[92] ARE YOU WEARING ANY JEWELRIES: my silver tiffany bracelet and a pearl bracelet
[93] LAST TIME YOU SHOWERED: this morning... i should be showering again before bed but then i dont think im going to be able to sleep due to the burnnnnn
[94] WHAT COLOR ARE YOUR PANTS: not wearing pants
[96] LAST THING YOU SAID: joe stop snoring
[98] LAST THING YOU ATE: a piece of meatloaf

okay time for bed :)

my cheeks realy hurt

current mood: hot

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Friday, March 18th, 2005
9:33 pm - pour some sugar on me
well the last few days have been quite eventful. i am so freakin happy that it is the weekend because i am just thoroughly exhausted! i found out that my new position is going to be paying me a sweet 37 grand a year. not bad.. but ive worked my ass off for this so i am quite proud.

yesterday was st pattys day. i only had a half day at work. then i came home and joe & i went to Theo's Metro, a nice greek restaurant right up the street. It is in an old popcorn factory that they restored to make a restaurant. It was the first time I was ever there, and the food was so excellent. i had stuffed mushrooms that were huge and stuffed with the freshest crab meat i have ever had in my life. they were toasted perfectly. then i had a small side salad and my main entree was flounder stuffed with crab meat and chicken stuffed with spinach and feta cheese, served with lemon potato wedges and steamed carrot sticks. AWESOME. its crazy how these amazing little restaurants exist virtually hidden from the world.. but theyre so amazing. all i kept thinking when reading the menu though, was how i wished 9Chambers was there so i could ask him what the hell half of the things on the menu was. i did overhear the waitress saying something about broiled octopus and it was at that point that i closed my ears. but dinner was great.

today is friday, and it went by pretty fast. there are so many idiots at work, its amazing we are able to function as much as we do. i have to flatten my regular PC this weekend and im not really sure how to do that so hopefully matt will be able to do it for me.

i dont have too much work-work to do over the weekend which is good. tomorrow i want to clean most of the day and then at night we are going to monster jam, since i bought joe the tix for his bday... never thinking he would want me to go with him... grr the things you do for love...

well, im going to watch the exorcist and then go to bed. ill be back tomorrow to comment on my monster jam festivities... someone help me.

oh yeah and someone say a prayer for my brother that he does not get thrown out of his speech class in college for being so open-mouthed opinionated about his views on his teacher being a jackass.... if he gets thrown out of class he loses his financial aid and no one has money for that.. sometimes people need to just stick a limb in their mouths before they bite off their nose to spite their face... i sound like my mother.

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Sunday, March 13th, 2005
1:20 pm - lazy sunday
i just woke up about 15 minutes ago. i was up at 9 and for some reason went back to bed. so i just got up to make sausage so i can put it in the sauce for baked ziti.. and then i have to go jump on some work that i should have done last night. i was so tired though, and i layed on my bed for like 2 seconds around 930, and next thing i know joes waking me up because its 445am and hes going to bed. yesterday i woke up around 9, and did some cleaning. then i went to the bonton and walmart with kelly around 11. i bought these awesome 400thread count egyptian sateen sheets that were $200 and i had a "friends and family" coupon so they were marked down to a "special" price of 36$! I also got 4 new laura ashley pillows, 2 feather and 2 fiberfill for 7$ each. but by the time i got to the counter they were out of the smoothie jr's that i wanted to buy. bastards. anyway, i was telling kelly about the deals so she wanted to pick some pillows and sheets up. then we went to walmart, and i'm so glad that we did because they had some amazing sales on curtains... i got these gorgeous lace embroidered curtains for 5$ a panel! but they only had 2, and i am going to have to scour the pittston and dickson city walmarts for 2 more for my dining room. kelly & i came home and joe was home from work so we went back up to sams club because we needed a few things. we got this 4lb container of tang for 6 bucks. it rocks. also, we went to walmart AGAIN because we needed to change the fishy tanks water... and i have glass stones in it and it seems to get dirty faster with the glass stones than with gravel. they must have been giving away government cheese in the aqua aisle at walmart bc no one would move and there were about 30 people looking at fish, fish supplies, fish food and aquariums. after 10 minutes we got our turn to go down the aisle. i want a large 55gallon tank. my cousin was supposed to give me his that hasnt been running for about 6 years now, then again, he wont let me have the books that my aunt left me when she died... so i doubt ill get the fish tank. oh well. i better go and bake the ziti and get some work done. later taters!

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