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lazy sunday

i just woke up about 15 minutes ago. i was up at 9 and for some reason went back to bed. so i just got up to make sausage so i can put it in the sauce for baked ziti.. and then i have to go jump on some work that i should have done last night. i was so tired though, and i layed on my bed for like 2 seconds around 930, and next thing i know joes waking me up because its 445am and hes going to bed. yesterday i woke up around 9, and did some cleaning. then i went to the bonton and walmart with kelly around 11. i bought these awesome 400thread count egyptian sateen sheets that were $200 and i had a "friends and family" coupon so they were marked down to a "special" price of 36$! I also got 4 new laura ashley pillows, 2 feather and 2 fiberfill for 7$ each. but by the time i got to the counter they were out of the smoothie jr's that i wanted to buy. bastards. anyway, i was telling kelly about the deals so she wanted to pick some pillows and sheets up. then we went to walmart, and i'm so glad that we did because they had some amazing sales on curtains... i got these gorgeous lace embroidered curtains for 5$ a panel! but they only had 2, and i am going to have to scour the pittston and dickson city walmarts for 2 more for my dining room. kelly & i came home and joe was home from work so we went back up to sams club because we needed a few things. we got this 4lb container of tang for 6 bucks. it rocks. also, we went to walmart AGAIN because we needed to change the fishy tanks water... and i have glass stones in it and it seems to get dirty faster with the glass stones than with gravel. they must have been giving away government cheese in the aqua aisle at walmart bc no one would move and there were about 30 people looking at fish, fish supplies, fish food and aquariums. after 10 minutes we got our turn to go down the aisle. i want a large 55gallon tank. my cousin was supposed to give me his that hasnt been running for about 6 years now, then again, he wont let me have the books that my aunt left me when she died... so i doubt ill get the fish tank. oh well. i better go and bake the ziti and get some work done. later taters!
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