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well the last few days have been quite eventful. i am so freakin happy that it is the weekend because i am just thoroughly exhausted! i found out that my new position is going to be paying me a sweet 37 grand a year. not bad.. but ive worked my ass off for this so i am quite proud.

yesterday was st pattys day. i only had a half day at work. then i came home and joe & i went to Theo's Metro, a nice greek restaurant right up the street. It is in an old popcorn factory that they restored to make a restaurant. It was the first time I was ever there, and the food was so excellent. i had stuffed mushrooms that were huge and stuffed with the freshest crab meat i have ever had in my life. they were toasted perfectly. then i had a small side salad and my main entree was flounder stuffed with crab meat and chicken stuffed with spinach and feta cheese, served with lemon potato wedges and steamed carrot sticks. AWESOME. its crazy how these amazing little restaurants exist virtually hidden from the world.. but theyre so amazing. all i kept thinking when reading the menu though, was how i wished 9Chambers was there so i could ask him what the hell half of the things on the menu was. i did overhear the waitress saying something about broiled octopus and it was at that point that i closed my ears. but dinner was great.

today is friday, and it went by pretty fast. there are so many idiots at work, its amazing we are able to function as much as we do. i have to flatten my regular PC this weekend and im not really sure how to do that so hopefully matt will be able to do it for me.

i dont have too much work-work to do over the weekend which is good. tomorrow i want to clean most of the day and then at night we are going to monster jam, since i bought joe the tix for his bday... never thinking he would want me to go with him... grr the things you do for love...

well, im going to watch the exorcist and then go to bed. ill be back tomorrow to comment on my monster jam festivities... someone help me.

oh yeah and someone say a prayer for my brother that he does not get thrown out of his speech class in college for being so open-mouthed opinionated about his views on his teacher being a jackass.... if he gets thrown out of class he loses his financial aid and no one has money for that.. sometimes people need to just stick a limb in their mouths before they bite off their nose to spite their face... i sound like my mother.
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