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A N E W P U P P Y ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


today started off relatively normal. i went out last night for krista's birthday and ended up drinking way too many cosmo's. i had a splitting headache when i crawled into bed at 3am and didnt know how i was going to be able to sleep... eventually i guess i just passed out.

this morning joe left for work around 830 i guess. i slept until around 12. he got home from work around 130. we had some errands to run, so i got dressed. first we went to blockbuster so we could get 2 new playstation games. then we headed up towards the mall/walmart region. i said "can we stop @ the petstore?" so we did. i showed joe the old english sheepdog puppy that i had been looking at last week while i was waiting to tan next door. we walked towards the back of the pet store, near the aquariums. i noticed a little room that had 2 cages in it. the top cage appeared to be empty, and the bottom cage had a black & white husky in it. as i said hello to the husky, a tiny little black head peeked around the corner of the top cage... i fell instantly in love. it was a little male black lab... i was so immediately drawn to him... i asked the girl if we could play with him, and she said as soon as the other people in the pen were finished with the dog they were looking @. so our time came.. and we both just fell in love with this puppy. he was so calm yet playful.. and just absolutely adorable. joe looked at me and said "i want him." and thats all it took... i put a deposit on the puppy until we could ask the landlords if we could have a dog. we came home.. and they werent home. so we waited and waited... and finaly they got home so we asked and they said yes!!! so we flew back up to the petstore and said "WE WANT HIM!". he is 9 weeks old (dob: 1/21/05) and he weighs 14lbs already! he is HUGE and his paws are absolutely enormous. he was 600$ and joe bought him for me for easter and because he loves me :) he said he has been saving up money in his "secret" savings account for something really special and he said that this was as good a time as any. so we filled out all of the paperwork and we took our new baby boy home! His name is Sambuca James Kirkpatrick... Sammy for short. The cat does not like him at all, which sucks for the cat because he will be going to the SPCA if he keeps up this behavior.

Sammy is sleeping now like a little baby. He peed in the house once tonight, but that was it so I can't really complain. I have to go next door and get the crate from our neighbors dog (she grew out of it) so we can take Sammy to my parents house tomorrow for Easter dinner.

ps. Matt dont go blabbing that the dog was 600 instead of the 400 i told them he was... i dont know why you got so pissed off its not like i spent the money.

oh well, i am making oreo truffles for tomorrow and i have to go finish them so i can hit the sack!


(as soon as i get pics i will post!)
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