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feeling better today. got a lot off of my chest last night, and i think we have worked through a lot of stuff.. its a start.

didnt have work today.. well, i have work to do for work, but i can do it at home. i should have had it done by now but today was too nice to sit at the computer for 5 hours. so instead im sorting laundry for saturday and going to dinner with cheryl around 6. then i will come home and work. besides, the bedroom is a mess, and i cant work on my desk if i can only see 1/2 of an inch of the top of it.

i need photopaper and ink sooo bad. i used up all of my black ink, so i am going to shop around after dinner w/cheryl. big lots usually has photo paper super cheap. kmart is still closed from the flood, and i was just at walmart last night. i went in for a 10$ fan and i ended up spending 106$ on a fan, crest premium white strips, 2 picture frames, conditioner, 2 dog dishes, a black lab magnet, some egg rolls, fish sticks, ice cream, healthy choice meals, milk, froot loops, spongebob squarepants cereal, lettuce, salad mix, italian ice, hushpuppies, breadstix, and a turkey.

so big lots is going to extra tough to just walk straight through to get the paper without browsing or buying anything else. what sammy really needs is one of those big pillow-like beds. but theyre 100$ at petsmart and like 50 @ walmart. sometimes these little stores have them cheaper.

i wish there was a store that just sold photopaper, and another store that just sold black ink cartridges for dell A922 printers.

however... if i go back to walmart, i probably wont spend more money.. and there is a cartridge world store next to walmart.. hmmm...

all i know is that i dont know.
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