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so close, yet so far away

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im a democrat, which i knew. but im almost an anarchist, which i also knew.

this weekend was actually really great. friday after work i stopped @ my parents house, and i told my dad about how gay my car has been acting. so he told me that my brother would sell me his car. so i said cool. it will save me at least another yr to pay off my debts and then my credit score will be MUCH better, and then i will buy a car off of the lot. id really like a new mustang... thoughts of a nice powder blue mustang will motivate me to pay off all of my bills and be more economically conscious.

anyway, friday night i just kinda hung around the house. nothing exciting.

saturday, i woke up and went to joes parents house and did a LOT of laundry. (which i probably should be putting away right now..) anyway, i went to a baseball game @ wilkes, took sammy for a long walk... and then came home and got ready to go out. joe gave me a ride to the press box, and i had a good time out. i didnt drink much though because i hadnt really eaten all day and i just wasnt really in the mood. so i had a few cosmopolitans and a miller lite, and around 140, krista & i left and she took me home. she stopped in to meet sammy, and then after she left i had a glass of tang and i went to bed. joe fell asleep on the couch and didnt come back to the bedroom til 7am. sammy slept until noon with us. i woke up and fed him, and then checked the answering machine. i knew people had been calling all morning but i couldnt find it in myself to get out of bed and answer the phone :)

joe and i got dressed and we took sammy to another baseball game at wilkes. jen and her weimaraner taylor were there. and then jen's neighbors came and brought their 2 rottweilers (1 is 4 months old and the other is like 9 months). sam had a blast playing with them. after the game (it was soooo hot outside), we went up to walmart because i needed a paintbrush and the ingredients to make lasagna. i also picked up one of those mammoth bones (theyre actually called that), its like a cow femur or something. taylor was playing with one at the game and sammy loved it. hopefully it will help us with training sammy that when he needs to bite, he has to bite things like bones and not hands or feet.

we came home and i made lasagna. then we went up to joes parents house because i left my laptop there yesterday. we went to my parents house where joe dropped me off so i could take my "new" car home. its a green VW jetta. its pretty nice. i had to clean my old car out because my dad is going to use that for work since its pretty much on its last legs, and he will just drive a few minutes back and forth.

i stopped @ the carwash on the way home, and watched desperate housewives.

now im watching grey's anatomy.

then im going to bed.

bye : )
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