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S H A M !!!!!!

Anyone who watched American Idol tonight probably shares in my grief right now.. my beloved Constantine was voted off. I don't believe it though, I think it is a big conspiracy. No other contestant brought Paula Abdul to tears over their being voted off dammit! And what is with Scott Savol? HE BLOWS! He is a dirty scummy hood rat who thinks he is of the African American race, and he SUCKS!

Aughhhh I am so pissed off..

But, luckily, there is a light at the end of the tunnel...

PrayForTheSoulOfBetty got signed, and their CD will be out in stores on May 10th---SO BUY IT!!!!

When Scott Savol is sitting in a halfway house for his criminal mischief, Constantine will be on stage making millions. I love him...

<3 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo <3 Constantine Maroulis, if you read this. I love you. Please comment back if you would like my home address and/or phone number so we can hook up and get married. I'll move to New York, no biggie. Just make sure I can bring Sambuca. That's it.


I probably have a better chance of winning the lottery...
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