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so our (joe & me) anniversary is on wednesday, and my 25th birthday is on thursday, and we are going to atlantic city on friday, and then going to ocean city maryland for a week starting saturday! So, you know that means the rest of this week will be dragging along....

we bought some fish for our aquarium tonight. i bought an angel fish, 2 neons, and a small redcap oranda. however, you can barely see them in the aquarium, so tomorrow i need to go and get some big mutha $(^!@$@#^ fish!

okay I just finished printing out THE CUTEST calendar...

let me post the picture that I love so much.... from my VERY bold doggy...

Image hosted by

He is so bold! I have to start remembering to use the "red eye" function on the camera because he is always glowing...

oh well, it is WAY past my bedtime.

gnite :)
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