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joe is taking a nap right now so i thought id update. im in ocean city,md. friday we went to atlantic city. i won 30 bucks in a penny slot machine. then yesterday morning we drove to cape may and took the 730am ferry to delaware. then we drove into oc. it ws pouring. the weather didnt get nice until around 5oclock. last night we just kinda unpacked and relaxed. hooters is right across the street, we went there for dinner. the chicken wings were sooooooo good. i cant believe that i didnt want to go there (for obvious reasons). but it was well worth it. this morning we woke up and went to the beach. the ocean was cold at first but then it was beautiful. i layed out for awhile in the sun. then we packed up and went back to the condo. we went for a drive down the coastal highway, then we went over the expressway and went to walmart so i could get a new hairdryer. then we went for lunch at the dough roller. i got a chicken taco salad, it was really good. joe got a piece of pepperoni pizza and some kind of burger. the pizza was awesome. im trying to wake him up now so i could see whats going on. i think he wanted to go to some kind of smorgasboard tonight, but it closes at 9 and i dont think we are going to make it. we will probably just head down to the boardwalk and putz around. i do want to play miniature golf or race go karts or something. oh well, ill update more when something exciting happens lol.
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