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can you tell me how to get...

..how to get to sesame street?

28 July
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I am 24 (almost 25) years old... I live in Kingston Pennsylvania, which isn't too shabby of a place.. I have a 5 month old black lab named Sambuca James Constantine, and I have 4 other dogs that live at my parents' house (Scooby,Koby,Elliott and Zeus). I have an 8-hour a day job 20 miles from my house, which blows because I spend like 50$ a week on gasoline.. I drive a green VW Jetta with Dave Matthews & bruce springsteen stickers on the back.. and I hate Scott Savol from American Idol. LONG LIVE CONSTANTINE MAROULIS! Anything else you'd like to know, IM me.. or comment in one of my posts.. Ciao!
ac/dc, air conditioning, american psycho, anne rice, anti-scott savol, arguments, art, avril lavigne, beatles, being a black sheep, ben & jerrys, black cats, black labs, black magic, black sambuca, body mods, breaking benjamin, bruce springsteen, candles, caramel frappucinos, care bears, cartoon network, cartoons, classical music, cold, coldplay, coloring, comic books, constantine maroulis, conversation, crayons, dave matthews band, don henley, drinking, ducks, evanescence, finch, finding nemo, fleetwood mac, foo fighters, freddie the insignificant, fredericks of hollywood, galapagos turtles, george harrison, german shepherds, going to the zoo, good charlotte, green eyes, guster, harry potter, hoodies, interview with the vampire, ireland, jack skellington, john mayer, joseph michael kirkpatrick, ladybugs, lakes, law & order, leprechauns, lingerie, loud music, marc's tattooing, mb20, movie nite, movies, mr t experience, museums, music, my tattoo, nate fisher, new found glory, nine inch nails, nirvana, old skool paula abdul, our lady peace, paul mccartney, pearl jam, pete yorn, peter krause, philly, piercings, poland springs, professor snape, puppy dogs, running, shopping, silver, six feet under, sketching, socialburn, south street philly, spiderman, squirrels with red tails, squirt, starbucks, stuart townsend, suv's, tattoos, the drew carey show, the eagles, the rolling stones, the used, toad the wet sprocket, trent reznor, vampires, vwagons, walking, will & grace, witchcraft, wizard of oz, writing