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no pain no gain! feel the burn!

today was my first day at the gym. actually, second. but yesterday didnt count because all i did was get my initial weigh-in and go over some paperwork. today i did 45 minutes of cardio on the super treadmill. then i did 3 different types of weight machines to work my legs and butt. tomorrow i will learn the 3 different types for my arms. my trainer told me that i am his favorite out of our "team" and that he wants me to win.

*in case anyone isnt informed, the gym i joined is running a special with area businesses. It's called "THE BIGGEST LOSER" yes, like the TV show. Anyway, if at least 5 people join from your business, your membership is 99$ for 3 months. you get your own personal trainer, your own personalized workout routine, and unlimited use of the fitness center (including tanning which is only 10$ a month!!!!). at the end of the 3 months, whoever from your team is the biggest loser wins a free year membership to the gym!*

so tomorrow I have to remember to bring my headphones so ic an listen to the tv while im doing my cardio, and i have to remember to wear my hair up and wear loose clothing because my velour jumpsuit (as cute as it is) did not cut it today when the sweat was pouring off of my brow. i guess i am going to have to put fashion & beauty aside and get down and dirty at the gym. sigh... there will be plenty of time for fashion and beauty when i am a size 4. :)

well im going to bed now, i need to rest. goodnight all!
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