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if you can't take the heat, then you better buy an air conditioner

the most awesome spongebob squarepants episode ever is on right now as we speak. it is the one when the jellyfish inhabit spongebob's home and turn it into a dance club. this is seriously so awesome...

anywho, today was my big *stress test*. i was flippin nervous as all hell thanks to my dad telling me yesterday that they make you run until you are ready to collapse. therefore, when i got to the imaging center, my blood pressure was like 200/120. The whole thing lasted like 5 minutes. First, I had to go into this closet and take off "everything from the waist up". yippee. Then I had to put on a hospital gown (at least it was purple) and you had to put it on BACKWARDS.. "like a shirt" according to the 980lb man prepping me for my test. so it had 2 ties on it. the first one tied the robe around your waist. the second one tied up around your collar. so there were like 5 inches of just open gown. NOT FUN. (high BP reason #2). So then as this 980lb man is UNTYING me so that he can literally scrub my skin with a piece of brillo pad and apply these stickers, WHILE LOOKING AT MY BREASTS, he tells me about how he is related to my father!!! he is looking at my ta-ta's and talking about my grandmother and dead grandfather. (high BP reason #3). so finally, this other dr comes in, and has me put this belt of electrodes on (it kinda looked like i was wearing a TNT belt). i step on the treadmill and he starts talking, and it lasted like 5 minutes tops, i did not have to run, i walked briskly at an incline. it was fine. he said he saw nothing wrong with me except for my blood pressure. i said that it wont be down until i am out of this joint. so they let me change and go home.

then my mother and i went to lowes so she could piss around for a half hour getting a 25$ can of paint mixed. then we had to do a lap around the store to "see what is on sale", and finally walk 3 miles to the car, only to have to turn around and go back because she left her keys at the paint counter. then i asked her if we could go to best buy so i can look for a new car stereo. well she started giving me this song & dance about how she wanted to go lay out in the sun and she had things to do, so i couldnt even browse the stereos before she wanted to go. so we walk out and oh what do you know! are we going towards kingston? NO WE ARE GOING TO WALMART! so we had to go to walmart, and then spend an hour in wegmans. argghhh. i would have been REALLY pissed about the experience if it hadnt been for the 1/2 gallon of "chocolate cherry cordial" fat free turkey hill frozen yogurt that was on sale at wegmans for 1.99. A W E S O M E ! ! ! ! !

okay so then we go home, after my mother nearly kills me in several traffic altercations. we walk into my apartment and i let sambuca out of his crate. he runs straight for my mother and bites her left boob and rips a hole in her shirt so it looks like it is a breast feeding shirt with the little flap that folds down. hahahhahaha it was hysterical. she was freaking "this is my favorite green shirt!" "what am i going to wear with my green skirt now???" "you know, if i was a go go dancer this would be acceptable". i hooked her up with a new shirt and she was on her merry way.

i put the groceries away, chased sambuca around the house because he had a canteloupe in his mouth, and now i am going to do some work in the bedroom. i have to start dinner in like an hour too. 'honey nut chicken strips with parmesan potatoes, corn on the cob, and (if i feel like leaving the house), some nice yellow macaroni salad from redners. yummy.

oh well, i guess i will catch ya later...
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