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Question: What is hell?

Hell is what I have just endured for the last 2 hours or so. Hell includes stopping at my aunt's house for my 12 year old psycho cousin's birthday party. Well apparantly at one point, after giving attitude to basically everyone there, my aunt went to put his birthday cake in front of him, and he said "Jeez ma, what the ffuu......" and stopped there. Well this sparked 2 hours of a psychotic tantrum on the floor kicking and screaming, and going outside and beating the side of the house with a pole. He also pounded up and down the stairs a few times. My aunt and uncle tried to play it off like it was nothing. I felt like I was watching a Discovery Channel show on psychotic children who burn houses down and murder their parents.


Anyway, I'm home now and the piece of cake I digested at my aunt's house isn't filling me so I am going to find something for dinner at 1010pm.

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Some kids should get beat.