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happy birthday to me :)

it's my 25th birthday! woohoo!

it hasnt gone as well as i had hoped... but here are the ups & downs so far:

1) i woke up late, resulting in me not moving my car from the wrong side of the street fast enough, resulting in a $50 street sweeping violation :(

2) i had to take joe to work since he missed his ride, and i was 42 minutes late for work :(

3) i got to work and got a 1$/2 hrs parking meter instead of a .50c/2 hrs parking meter :(

4) my coworkers decorated my office with happy birthday streamers, a spongebob squarepants cake, balloons, a stuffed monkey, a princess crown (complete with pink feathers), and various other snacks. doreen also constructed pom poms out of crepe paper for me. :)

5) i got a neat basket full of homemade soaps that this woman makes & sells to pay for her daughter's diabetes medication :)

6) i also got an electric spongebob & patrick toothbrush set with a tube of toothpaste :)

7) i am here for 2 1/2 more hours :(

8) i am leaving for vacation tomorrow! :) :) :) :)

okay enough of the list..

when i leave here, i have to go pick joe up from work. then we have to go to the garage so he can pick his car up, and go home and get ready to go out. we are meeting lynn, danny, nanci, and ron at tgifriday's for a birthday dinner, and then we are going bowling! yay!

tomorrow we are leaving for atlantic city around 9. that means we need to wake up at 7, pack up the car, take sambuca up to my parents, drop my car off at my parents, and leave for ac. aughhh.

but in 24 hrs, i will be walking along the boardwalk gambling my money away in caesar's palace ;)

i am going to bring my laptop with me, im not sure if they have an internet connection in the condo. but if they do, i will update with some pics.

by the way, does anyone know how to make it so that when i paste a pic in here, its not the size of texas? let me know!
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